Weed Control

Paper SeedMat prevents weed seeds germinating below from penetrating through the seedmat and reaching the top of the bed surface but does not stop perennial weeds establishing from residual plant material.

Paper SeedMat gives excellent weed control even on very low density populations (under 40 plants / m2). At higher plant densities also complete weed control is achieved.

Organic production

New combinations of raw materials are constantly being evaluated to enhance crop production, maintain product performance and to meet standard requirements for organic productions. The most recent focus is on the development of raw materials that will be accepted for organic production.

Food safety

Paper SeedMat reduces microbiological and foreign body contamination and reduces the need for post-harvest treatment. Water splash from the soil is a major source of contamination from E. coli and Salmonella. By providing a barrier between the soil and the harvested crop, contamination from soil is greatly reduced leaving leafy crops very clean allowing some leafy salad crops to be sold as unwashed.

Environmental benefits

Paper SeedMat allows a wide range of intensive horticultural crops to be grown with far fewer agrochemicals for conventional production. Weeds are controlled eliminating the need for herbicides and soil sterilants.

Soil-borne diseases are suppressed reducing the need for fungicides. Paper SeedMat, in some instances, replaces or eliminates the need for products produced through genetic modification (GM).


Paper SeedMat provides full traceability from seed source to the harvested product. The crop, variety, batch number of the seed, date of production and seed rate are printed onto each roll both outside and inside. This information is available at harvest allowing full traceability right back through the supply chain to the seed supplier.

Pest and disease control

Paper SeedMat reduces pressure from a number of commercially important pests and diseases.

The presence of a physical barrier on the soil surface interrupts the life cycle of soil-borne diseases.

The physical barrier can also disrupt the life cycle of soil borne pests that emerge to feed on leaves.


Paper SeedMat system increases the yield by the number of drilled crops grown per season, whilst reducing costs especially compared to transplanted crops.


Paper SeedMat is degradable, eliminating the need for removal. It also reduces or eliminates the need for spraying applications, mechanical and manual weeding applications.